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About Aviation-Buildings.com

hangar-rear-wall-300x200Aviation-Buildings.com began with a group of general contractors in Colorado Springs and the idea that builders, farmers, facility managers or anyone else that has the ability to buy and build a steel building should be able to do so affordably.

The founders of Aviation-Buildings.com were formerly builder-representatives for Butler Manufacturing. The local competition for metal buildings was and continues to be fierce. Obtaining good pricing for our customers was difficult while tied to one supplier.

Dealers with assigned territories control most of the metal building industry. As of this writing, you cannot simply buy the building (or parts) that you want from Butler, American, or Varco-Pruden without going through the builder network. Even after the sale, obtaining parts or service are problematic unless you want to place a large order with sufficient profit potential.

To circumvent the problems typically faced by customers in obtaining the steel building packages and parts that they need, Aviation-Buildings.com launched its web site in 2002 that enables customers to configure and order buildings over the Internet. Size, color, and door selections are just a few of the options that customers may choose in the Value BuildingsTM product line. The web site adjusts parts and pricing according to the environmental loads and building codes for counties throughout the continental United States. Customers may save multiple building configurations and immediately order whichever building configuration and price best suits their needs. Extensive information about steel building construction is also provided to help customers plan their building projects.

We believe our greatest strength is that we are building contractors. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a building that will assemble correctly and the service ability to understand the issues you might face in the field. Once an order is placed with AviationBuildings.com, you will be assigned a personal building representative responsible for dealing with issues regarding the materials that we supply. This person can answer your questions or will otherwise determine how you can obtain answers.

Value Buildings can be used for a variety of agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential uses. Our goal is to always deliver the best value and customer service possible for a wide range of steel building projects.

Now consider Price versus Quality: If you were to buy a building from any supplier the information needed would be the same – building location, codes and loads, size, etc. When your building is designed and engineered it has to meet the design criteria for your area and for your building department. For example, what if the building will have to support a 30 pound per square foot roof snow load? The building that you order must meet this criteria regardless of the building supplier. The steel thickness, spacing of structural elements, and the types of fasteners used must all meet the loading requirement. These are but some of the items that an engineer must consider when designing any building.

As builders ourselves, we know that price and high quality are not mutually exclusive. We expect both in the buildings that we construct and our customers deserve the same. Quality is never sacrificed just because a building is affordably priced.

Good price, ease of assembly and exceptional customer service are what we offer at AviationBuildings.com. We invite you to visit other steel building suppliers like Butler, American or Varco-Pruden and then consider the positives of working with AviationBuildings.com versus the cost and hassle of the territorial dealer network of the steel building industry. We believe you will choose to work with us for the best price and the service that you deserve.

Larry Stevens
Managing Partner